Viscera Drip - Death Curse
Date: Sunday, June 13 @ 16:20:49 CEST
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4th album from this highly talented american dark-electro band is out now!
Beside 11 original tracks it includes remixes from all good staff as God Module, Sin DNA, Amduscia, Erk Aicrag and Xxot.

“Pure Aggrotech, but with many added elements of surprise I feel have been neglected in the genre. Death has been the theme for not just me, but everyone else these past couple years. This album is a personal record of accumulation for loss, pain, and unthinkable misery, yet also stands as a testament to perseverance in the face of a fate we all share.

Viscera Drip „Death Curse” CD 2021 out now
price: 10 EUR / 3.000 HUF / 700 RUB
catalogue number: ad-hun-161-cd
packaging: digipack incl. poster
release date: 14.06.2021

01. Ushi No Toki Mairi
02. A Place Beyond The Stars
03. You Just Fucked Yourself
04. Death Curse
05. The Other Side Of Hell
06. Fading Voices
07. All You Need Is Blood
08. Into The Maze Of Life
09. Why Can't You See It
10. Better When We Die
11. Dark Water
12. A Place Beyond The Stars (God Module RMX)
13. The Other Side Of Hell (SIN DNA remix)
14. Into The Maze Of Life (Amduscia RMX)
15. Why Can't You See It (remixed by Erk Aicrag [Hocico & Rabia Sorda])
16. Better When We Die (XXOT RMX)

total time: 76:18
p+c advoxya records 2021

Viscera Drip back catalogue:
Abattoir CD 2014
Perpetual Adversity CD/2CD 2015
Satanic Panic CD/2CD 2016
Demo(n)s CD 2017

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