13th Angel - Omens
Date: Friday, January 14 @ 21:37:32 CET
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After few online and self releases american dark-electro band 13th Angel joined its forces with Advoxya Records to spread the band`s first official and already highly-acclaimed album „Omens”. Dark, melodic, magic and spooky.

Let the band say:
From the darkest depths comes Omens, a nine-track album written by Jen Draven with vocals by Evan Mitchell.
Lyrically addressing issues in the world such as corporate greed, toxic relationships and man's destruction of the earth, Omens talks about signs being missed and our mortality. 
Hard pounding beats, melodic pads and haunting piano make up 13th Angel's debut album Omens on Advoxya. Thank you to all who support us!

13th Angel „Omens” CD 2021
price: 10 EUR / 3.000 HUF / 700 RUB
catalogue number: ad-hun-173-cd
packaging: transparent jewel-case.
release date: 17.01.2022

01. Obsession
02. Broken
03. Serpent
04. Omens
05. My World
06. Last Horizon
07. The Hunted
08. Merry Go Round
09. Numb

total time: 37:07
p+c advoxya records 2021/2022

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