Siva Six - Black Will
Date: Sunday, November 27 @ 17:58:55 CET
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Advoxya Records proudly presents a cooperation between label and one-of-most-famous dark-electro outfit from sunny Greece „Siva Six".
Released back in 2006 on label Decadance Records the band`s second album „Black Will" became the most successful and widely loved by fans release from the band, which turned to sold-out status within short time. Idea to re-release this strong album finally became to it logical end, and now its out as remastered and extended edition, incl. 2 awesome bonus-tracks. “Black Will “ is one of the best - if not the best- Siva Six albums, definitely the one that made their name spin around  the worldwide Industrial/Dark Electro scene. Considered their Black Opus . “Black Will” is the band’s second album, originally released in November 2006 by Decadance records and sold out just a year later. Despite the demand and the fan’s request for a second pressing, this never happened until today. “Black Will” received excellent and epic reviews world wide, and climbed to the No1 position of IAC (Italian Alternative Charts). This was followed by a 10 week stay in the GAC charts and 6 weeks in the GEWC Charts. “Black Will” Tracks such as “Her Eyes Black”, “Now it’s Dark”, “See the Six”, “The Seal” stood out and entered the playlists of many Goth Clubs around the globe, appeared in various CD compilations, and saw the band play 20 shows in 7 countries. Today 16 years after the original release date “Black Will “ is finally reprinted in a 4 panel / 8 pages booklet limited edition digipak. Remastered by Psychon (SepticFlesh) at Sound Abuse Studios including 2 bonus tracks !
Artwork by Seth Siro Anton . Produced by Dimitris N Douvras, Mastered by John Rivers, Orchestral arrangements by Chris Antoniou. 

Siva Six „Black Will” re-release, remastered and expanded CD 2022, incl. bonus-tracks.
price: 10 EUR / 3.500 HUF
catalogue number: ad-hun-175-cd
packaging: 4-panels digipack + insert, factory sealed
release date: 28.11.2022

01. See The Six 4:57
02. Heart Of The Master 5:32
03. Now Its Dark 4:39
04. Opponent 5:15
05. The Seal 5:39
06. Mister 3:44
07. Dark Night Of The Soul 5:47
08. Her Eyes Black 4:57
09. Line In.. Line Down 4:40
10. Pig 5:51
11. Erevos 3:02
12. Deep Black Will 5:00
13. Dawn Revelation 3:01
14. Now Its Dark (Cyborgdrive remix) 4:39
15. See The Six (Teknovore remix) 4:45
total time: 71:33
p+c Advoxya Records/Siva Six 2022

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