Against, I - Carnival Of Excess
Date: Thursday, July 27 @ 23:02:18 CEST
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Carnival of Excess is the debut album from Against I and it will take you for a real ride! What the band offers you is 13 tracks of self inflicted pain and mental torture. Straight from front man Fredrik Keith Croonas mind. The style of music could be described as dark electronic music meets metal , while still leaning more towards electronic music. Raw guitars combined with catchy melodic hooks topped off with Fredrik signature screams.

Against, I - Carnival Of Excess 2023 CD is out now in via Advoxya Records
packaging: factory sealed digipack
price: 10 EUR.
catalogue number: ad-hun-177-cd
release date: 17.07.2023

1. Welcome to the carnival (feat JM Burr and George Klontzas)
2. Fleshride
3. Scum (album version)
4. Disease
5. Eyehateme (feat. Chris Keya)
6. You and I (feat j:dead)
7. Venom
8. Deranged
9. Reap Me (want you in death)
10. My Sweet
11. The Beast
12. O.M.G. (miss suicide remix)
13. O.M.G. (teknovore remix)

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