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Date: Sunday, October 12 @ 23:19:46 CEST
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Electro- and gothic scene portal SIDE-LINE has published the reviews for 4 releases of advoxya: DENERGIZED "vhs recall", DEADJUMP "post immortal", TWZ "evolution" and IMPACT PULSE "optimal contrast". You can read about here.

TWZ - Evolution
"Evolution" has been announced as the 5th album of the Malmoe-based TWZ, but the 1st one released on Advoxya Records. "Evolution" sounds like a rather cliché dark electro productions, but offers a few good tracks. The last part is even really worthy of examination. The "Crawling"-song reminds me to some influences of C-Drone-Defect, which is quite of a reference for this type of music. It all sounds dark and banging while well crafted as well. The next piece up entitled "Clairvoyance" is another cool piece of music, which sounds a bit more repetitive creating some vague trance approach. The absolute masterpiece comes next and is entitled "Evolution". TWZ here reveals some efficient sound mixed with a dark and carrying lead. Next to the distorted male vocals we here get some excellent female spoken backing vocals. Apart from a terrific last part this album still has much more to offer. The other songs left are still quite efficient, but definitely more 'typical' in their style. The heavy distorted vocals, the usual dark tunes and the furious rhythmic will for sure remind you of a lot of other projects in the genre, but despite of a lack of creativity TWZ delivers efficiency. With songs like "The Grid", "Flawed, Weak And Organic", "Vengeance" and the title song "Evolution" this album shows a real strong potential. TWZ remains a less familiar name from the dark electro scene, but this new album released on Advoxya Records will for sure increase their popularity while some songs will find their way to the dancefloor. This is for sure a must have for all lovers of dark electronics!


Impact Pulse - Optimal Contrast
Cipree and Gunhead aka Impact Pulse are back with a new heavy assault of dark electronics mixed with other influences like EBM and body-pop. This Hungarian band set up in 2004 already released a few number of releases while the members are also involved in the more pop-sounding Nothing Nada. "Optimal Contrast" is a quite meritorious release. First I think it's not that easy for an Hungarian band to emerge from the depths, but second and more artistically speaking "Optimal Contrast" reveals a few good surprises. The opening song "I Want You" has been driven by Leather Strip-like bass line while the global power of the song is really efficient. In a more body-pop style the song "I See Your Love" featuring Serena Gruß as leading vocalist is also quite well-done. My personal favourite one is the next song entitled "Mad Hunt" which found the right balance between powerful EBM and great sound sculptures reminding me of The Dust Of Basement. The mix of both ingredients is simply irresistible. Impact Pulse also experiences a few slower pieces, which are now and than a bit more pop-influenced, but these songs aren't their best side. I think they had better leave their pop inspiration to Nothing Nada. Some harder songs like "The Blinds Prayer" and "The Flame Of Passion" prove that Impact Pulse is definitely more kicking and convincing in this rougher way. On the last song I especially like the whispering male vocals. From the vocals we fall into the lyrical content of this album, which is definitely poorly inspired. That's maybe because Impact Pulse doesn't feel that comfortable singing in English, but they're just lucky that lyrics aren't that important for this style of music. But I'm not complaining as this album shows some real interesting parts.

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Denergized - VHS Recall
Denergized is a Russian duo releasing here their first official release. Denergized find their place in the dark electronic roster reminding me a bit of the past few years of Wumpscut. There's a similar kind of dark atmospheric compositions. The main focus hasn't been the power of the compositions, but definitely the mood surrounding the songs. The mood has been filled with darkness, melancholia and sadness. Denergized took care to reinforce this expressive side with some rhythmic and alluring vocals. I don't really expect to see this kind of dark electronics invading the dancefloors, but this style of music hasn't always to be danceable and club-minded to consider it as well-done. The songs "DNA (Dead Code)", "VHS Autumn (Rainbow Hunt)" and especially "Empty Cell "Morgue)" just prove that Denergized has their very own approach of electronics. The low budget box of this album isn't the most attractive one, but the content has much more to offer without speaking here about a must have!



DeadJump - Post Immortal
The Brazilian musician Alexandre Ramos comes back with a new album of his DeadJump brainchild. "Post Immortal" has been conceived in 3 parts. It starts with the "Inter Vivos"-part featuring 5 songs originally released on the "Immortal"-album and remixed for the purpose of this album. Remixes are quite efficient in the dark electronic punching style. It remains quite cliché, but the harsh distorted parts merged with some furious rhythms are quite well-crafted resulting in some cool pieces (cf. "Resist - No Weapon Mix", "Life - Coma Mix" and "Immortal - Time To Die Mix"). When you go above the cliché you'll have to admit that there're some efficient sequences on different songs. The "Post mortem"-part features 5 remastered songs from the "Post Mortem"-album originally released in 2000. These songs are less inspired and definitely belong to the early years of the band. There's less inspiration here while it's not that significant for the listener. The exception to the rule is the "Extended Version" of "Post Mortem" bringing a more achieved song featuring a few good sounds. The final part entitled "Injection" consists of 3 remixes made by Die Braut, Controlled Collapsed and Iambia. All these bands did a remarkable job here reinforcing the club-potential of the original versions. Especially the remix of "Burnout" by Iambia is particularly well done. If you prefer the typical dark EBM-style Controlled Collapse did a good job on "Burnout". It's strange to say that, but this album offers nothing really new and yet it's probably the best release of DeadJump for so far!
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