The-Pulsar - Revolution / Reloaded
Date: Friday, December 21 @ 21:38:00 CET
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Chaindlk has published review of The-Pulsar "Revolution / Reloaded"done by Marc Tater. Full text here or in our PRESS section:

"... Already the third official release signed to the Hungarian-based Advoxya label for this prominent Russian trio consisting of Sergey Naan, Alexey Boitsov and Vladimir Sokoushin. The title may suggests it, “Revolution (Reloaded)” isn’t a complete new studio album. “Revolution” was a successful early recording of band dated back to 1999 and so of course originally a hard-to-get-item. It may was simply published as a self-released demo, maybe only available on tape, but surely only available in Russia. ..."

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