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 Ian - Egy Masik Eletben

Advoxya Records proudly presents one of the best hungarian synthpop act IAN. Ian name covers Cipree, who was a member now disbanded hungarian electro-acts Impact Pulse (EBM) and Nothing Nada (future pop with guest female vocals). If you like melancholic and melodic synthpop with catching beats – this release is definitely deserves your attention.
Let the band speaks: This record is a journey into the soul spirit of my past years. I hope that my music will inspire you and give you the hope. I tried to improve my sound with exciting modern synthpop effects, but keeping in focus the enjoyment of music! I really hope you like it!

Ez a lemez utazas az elmult eveim lelki hangulataba. Bízom benne, hogy felemel es remenyt kelt. A hangzast probaltam a legizgalmasabb modern synth pop hatasokkal megspekelni de ugy, hogy megmaradjon a ZENEI elmeny is! Remelem szeretni fogjatok! /Ian


on Saturday, July 04 @ 20:16:28 CEST
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 Larva - Desolation Road

And again, Larva is back in 2020 too with a new great album named „Desolation Road” (CD and LP editions).
Desolation Road is exactly one of the albums that were really expected to release this year, because Larva has outstanding meaning for Advoxya label. The band has a huge fan-base in dark-electro scene, and that is happens finally – release is out now!
Desolation Road still have all details that made the band well-known today – catching melodies, dark lyrics and harsch synths, but also the band represents here its moving ahead to more lyrically-sensed direction with catchy music arrangements, keeping the listeners in deep and dark atmosphere.
Album is opens with middle-tempo intro track „Burbuja de cristal” which following by rapid „Sunk in shit” and atmospheric slow-tempo „Invisible”. And these the madness doesnot stop until the end of album – fast danceable tracks as Falsa realidad, El decorado de mi fracaso, Pay the price, Sólo soy un recuerdo, Nothing will be the same, Tan alto, Hate state mixing with the middle-tempo melodic traditional Larva-style compositions as Nada perdura, To lose, and Teniéndolo todo. 
Dark melodies build this sound sculpture, yet anotherone brick in Larva massive discography.


on Friday, May 01 @ 22:16:00 CEST
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 Asdean - Vremya.Prostranstvo.Zhizny

Powerful debut album from Belarus based dark-electro formation ASDEAN is dedicated to cosmos. Album is used at International Cosmonautics Day.

At the head of the album " Time. Space. Life." there is a theme of a person's desire to realize their dreams and overcome difficulties , as well as the romantic component of space travel. We have always sought to write about dreams, justice, philosophy, something right and sublime. About what to strive for. Asdean is our example of how to talk about the good and eternal in the expressive language of dark-electro.

on Tuesday, March 17 @ 23:16:41 CET
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 Hungarian Synthpop Allstars - volume 1

The album collected the all most good and currently active Hungarian synthpop artists to date. The idea of compilation (-series) started on Facebook page of "Hungarian Synthpop Allstars" community and purpose of release is to represent to outboard listeners how powerful and multicolor synthpop in Hungary still being. Advoxya label was glad to provide its support and brings this CD out in physical formate.

This compilation features 19 tracks from different 19 bands. All bands gave to label EXCLUSIVE tracks or remixes, never published before. Some of them are well-known already for foreign ears of synthpop as Plazmabeat (exclusive track), Apsür.de (exclusive track – singing in hungarian!), Gunmaker (remix), but many of them will present to large audience their material very first time, and also important point that few bands have just started writing music again after a long collapse because of result of this compilation.


on Friday, March 13 @ 22:28:46 CET
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 Outpost11 - Transition

Super hot, right out of the foundry! Meet Transition, a brand new album by Moscow act Outpost 11! Russian band just arrives a new material – 2nd album after well-accepted debut „Resonate”.
This Christmas Santa brought something different... Behold! Pounding drum-machines and distorted synths! Catchy melodies and moody atmospheres! All this and much more are in a brand new album Transition by Outpost 11, covered in industrial sound of the middle of 90s.
Begin Transition with a brand new album act Outpost11! Dive into the world of distorted synths and old-school sound!
Explore new sonic dimensions with recent Outpost11 album!


on Saturday, December 21 @ 15:10:22 CET
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 Plazmabeat - Utazok

Sweet and melodic hungarian synthpop duo Grag and Niki (aka Plazmabeat) is back.
The 3rd (and 2nd one on Advoxya label) album of Plazmabeat is out now, with the title: Utazok - Travellers. The album took 5 years to complete, and contains 14 songs. They are really melodic, some are happy, others sour. The lirycs are meaningful, deep, or by other songs they call you up to dance. The orchestration is more mature compared to the earlyer albums. There were more "real" synths used to make the sound quality more enhanced. In the sound of the album you can find influences from Depeche Mode, Synthwawe, and all the musical methods of the 80's, 90's New wawe, and Synthpop culture. They used other instruments, like guitars, and a saxophone aswell, but the main sounds come from Synthesizers, and with emphasized voices. Niki's voice is still Beautiful, filled with emotions, and for the first time, on this LP you can hear Grag's voice aswell. The theme of the album is in connection with the first two records, its kind a like a Trilogy's last part, which Trilogy followed the life story of the two group members.


on Tuesday, December 03 @ 20:18:53 CET
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 Miseria Ultima - Graygarden

Finnish dark-electro duo Miseria Ultima is back with a full-lenght new album „Graygarden” after 2 years of silence. New material follows to 2017's highly-acclaimed debut-album "Phosphor", also released under Advoxya logo.
Excerpts from Peek-A-Boo review on Phosphor done by Jurgen Braeckevel:
The Finnish Miseria Ultima has certainly delivered a nice piece of work with this first full album, varied and far from monotonous. They might not really be in a segment of the electro genre that everyone is fond off, but its not their fault if so. Phosphor became a great album everybody should listen too!
Graygarden brings to the band new followers and fans.
Let the band speaks: "Graygarden is about denial of mortality. A haven, where a person is a kept imprisoned, an illusion of that, everything is eternal. Fighting against nature and inevitable loss."


on Tuesday, November 26 @ 20:07:46 CET
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 Cynical Existence - Rebirth

Cynical Existence is back again with their follow up to 2017's album "Dying Light", also released under Advoxya logo.
"Rebirth" is the next step in the Cynical Existence evolution. Fully dropping the dark electro/aggrotech act and moving over to playing agressive yet melodic metal combined with synthesizers.
Expect 10 tracks with a lot of variation, and with many new elements. But also some recognizable typical Cynical Existence sounds.


on Monday, October 14 @ 21:02:17 CEST
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 Wolfchild - Evil Calls Home

After 2 albums the band returns with kick-your-ass-off new material, which definitely deserves attention of all fans of dark-electro scene, say more – iam sure it becomes the one of the best releases of autumn 2019.
let the band speaks:
"Evil Calls Home" is the third album from Dutch & German duo "Wolfchild". The 3rd installment from the band brings you some of their best and darkest tunes till date. Influenced by the old tunes from bands like: Agonoize, Hocico, Grendel and more. "Evil Calls Home" brings you back in the old glory days of Dark Electro into 2019. With clubhits like: Wenn Wölfe Heulen, The Voice of God and Tanz Mit Uns. The album opens softly with the track Hydrangea, a song based on epic instruments...a great start off the album. The 3rd album from WOLFCHILD is defintley for those who enjoy dark electro, aggrotech and ebm. The music is done by Robert van Kooij, and the Lyrics and vocals are handled by Jan Ricker, as the mastering is done by Sander Kapper. How would we describe "Evil Calls Home"? ... You be the judge, all hell breaks loose on this one!


on Wednesday, October 09 @ 20:41:32 CEST
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 Nohycit - En Exilio

Nohycit is a Bolivian solo dark-electro project driven by Ferry who you may know as the half-part from project Adeonesis, running together with his brother Wilger.
This is the second full length by Nohycit, and for all, who loves his debut album – nothing changes ! Typical latin dark-electro, but from the best ones. The sounds driven by hard kicks, high resonating melody lines, dark atmospheres and harsh, distorted vocals in Spanish.
Album contains 15 songs featuring also remixes from Stahlnebel & BlackSelket, Adeonesis and others.


on Friday, September 06 @ 22:40:13 CEST
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