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 Ian - Minden Eletemben

Hungarian synth-pop act Ian (ex-member of disbanded Impact Pulse and Nothing Nada) is here to present you the band`s 2nd solo-album "Minden Eletemben" (in hungarian language), which closes of 4-years period in the life of project. We can hear the logical continuation of the band`s previous album „Egy Masik Eletben”. Ian's second album is a collection of songs recorded in the past period. Album also features 10 contributing musicians. Musically, coloured by participans in different ways, the songs standing on typical Ian`s synth-pop basics with additional with guitar and piano.
Cool synthpop song follows up after piano ballad, rich synthesizers, even sometimes the gitar riffles catching your attention.  If you like melancholic synth music with deep lyrica – this is what you need.
Must have for all fans of synthpop (especially for hungarian speaking ones, words mean everything). 


on Wednesday, July 03 @ 21:24:38 CEST
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 Super Dragon Punch! - Thorns

SUPER DRAGON PUNCH!! Confronts Personal Demons With New Album,Thorns. This record features 10 new memorable powerful tracks that are a combination of faster club-oriented harsh Industrial and Futurepop, reminiscent of SDP!!'s intense punk energetic live shows, as well as haunting dark ballads.
Expect Belgium SDP!!'s unique mix of catchy melodies, pumping synths, stomping beats, glitchy effects, blended with retro gaming sounds. The aggressive and melodic emotional vocals sing honest deep introspective lyrics about despair, hatred, and pain. The songs are mainly about being lost in one's desperate tortured and destructive thoughts, about past and present demons, about being afraid of getting hurt by others or losing them or relationship difficulties and fights. It's called Thorns because there's some kind of pain associated to everything that is beautiful and nice in life.


on Wednesday, July 03 @ 21:17:44 CEST
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 Shinigami IND - Rage Machine

Lett he band says: Review: In my latest album, "Rage Machine," I blend the essence of my previous works with a sonic evolution inspired by Cyberpunk music. Musically avant-garde, the album tackles social criticism and oppression, inviting us to become "Rage Machines" to break harmful cycles. This work represents a thematic and sonic continuity, reinventing myself to deliver something different while maintaining my personality. "Rage Machine" is a striking piece that encourages reflection on society and our power to bring about change.

on Monday, January 08 @ 20:58:18 CET
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 Severe Illusion - Totalitarianism For A New Generation

After an entire decade, a new album from Severe Illusion is finally about to see the light of day through
Advoxya Records.
The band, consisting of Fredri Djurfeldt and Ulf Lundblad originally formed in 2000 and has since released five full lenght albums together and collaborated on a number of other projects as well. On nine tracks of Weird School Dark Electro (WSDE), the album explores the transformation of western civilization into more and more totalitarian regimes while hiding behind the usual façade of democracy. All in the usual sarcastical manner the band is known for. The album going to be release on CD with beautiful artwork by Nullvoid.
Best Severe Illusion album to date, old-school belgium electro-scene influenced (old Klinik, etc). Total blast from the past.
Excerpt from the review on I Die You Die web-portal:
This more solemn, mournful expression of Severe Illusion’s core sounds and moods is unlikely to win over any hitherto unconverted listeners who haven’t been able to align with their earlier releases. Then again, that sort of dedication to a certain aesthetic impulse, regardless of the broader milieu, often goes
unappreciated in its own time. But for the sort of person who might be discovering the band as the same sort of overlooked gem we took them for more than a decade ago, that approach will be a part of the allure that their style of cold EBM holds Uncut, uncompromising.
Buy it. 


on Monday, January 08 @ 20:50:52 CET
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 BlackSelket - Unleash The Beast

Unleashed The Beast is the second solo chapter from Black Selket (Sander Kapper) who is also responsible for composition of all Stahlnebel & Black Selket songs and tons of remixes for many well known acts. Now Blackselket releases its new album with 10 dark industrial and ebm pounding tracks. Featuring guest vocals by Fredrik Croona (Against, I, Rotncore), Jen Draven (13th Angel), Jan Ricker (Wolfchild), Ralph Neuhaus (Stahlnebel) and Sander himself plus guest music appearances by Robert van Kooij (Wolfchild). 
Sander Kapper shows his capability of his musical skills and delivers well-driven melodic songs from start
to end and shows a pretty well variety of songs that takes you from one boom-bass-kicking track to another.
Want bass? Check! Want Melodies? Check! This album has it all…so let’s feast, and unleash the beast!


on Monday, January 08 @ 20:44:02 CET
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 Against, I - Carnival Of Excess

Carnival of Excess is the debut album from Against I and it will take you for a real ride! What the band offers you is 13 tracks of self inflicted pain and mental torture. Straight from front man Fredrik Keith Croonas mind. The style of music could be described as dark electronic music meets metal , while still leaning more towards electronic music. Raw guitars combined with catchy melodic hooks topped off with Fredrik signature screams.


on Thursday, July 27 @ 23:02:18 CEST
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 Noise Resistance - Shades Of Hatred

This is the second full-lenght album of the band from Yekaterinburg, Russia, released via Advoxya Records (and the 4th album in the discography of the band), in addition to 12 new tracks the CD includes 2 EPs as bonus material, one-man project driven by Artem shows high-quality aggressive electro-industrial with tracks singing in English and Russian.


on Thursday, July 27 @ 22:52:04 CEST
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 Larva - The Rat King

During the COVID pandemic spanish Larva has released on its own 3 cassette tapes (Tormented with 6 tracks, Memories Of Better Days with 6 tracks and Carne Para La Picadora with 11 tracks on) in strictly limited quantities which were sold out quickly. That why we here at Advoxya HQ decided to compile and release all 3 tapes together as double-cd and lets take it as total new (doubled) material from Larva.
What is expecting from this new Larva release – beside the Larva`s trademarked rawness and distorted vocal there are also a lot of more melodic, personal and sensual stuff. 
New summer issue of Sonic Seducer is features review and interview with the band.


on Thursday, July 27 @ 22:48:24 CEST
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 Degenerated Sequences - Schism

We are glad to announce, that Greece based one man project Degenerated Sequences returns with his second album „Schism” after the debut album came out long years ago back in 2016. Huhh, that is the fact - electro-industrial mayhem is back and it sounds very fresh and professional, catching melodies and super powerful danceable stuff. No more words – just listen !

Release is supporting by Sonic Seducer, read the interview and story of the band there.

on Monday, March 06 @ 21:09:41 CET
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 Stahlnebel & BlackSelket - Depersonalize - Dementia EP

The new Stahlnebel & Black Selket EP allows the listener to take a deep look into the soul of the music project, because this time [RALPH]'s lyrics are saturated with his personal experiences and of course the brutal reality around us like never before.
DEPERSONALIZE ... Unfortunately, a hideous phenomenon has spread in the world of work in recent years, the unbearable greed of employers and the attempt to put additional pressure on the often poorly paid employees, to scare them, to rob them of their personality, to give up part of their wages ... despite incredible profits from the companies & millions in their accounts.
DEMENTIA ... Many of us have family members suffering from dementia and therefore many listeners can certainly relate to their own experiences in the words of [RALPH], the often helpless desperation of us relatives and some bitter life situations and understand this topic very well .
Musically there are one or the other interesting change & surprise from [SANDER], but Stahlnebel & Black Selket remain true to themselves in 2023 and on this new release you will find 11 great tracks, 7 of which are new songs and 3 ingenious remixes by DEVICE NOIZE, DV8R & SKINJOB ... turn up your speakers.


on Monday, March 06 @ 21:01:25 CET
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