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 Larva - Scars The Singles

Scars – is the title of last album from spanish Larva released as 2LP /cd last year on Advoxya Records. Now we collected the singles and gave to them a new life in formate of vinyl box-set. 

Three 7” vinyls in an awesome special boxset package and limited to 150 copies.
Four different reinterpreted; almost completely different songs released in the previous work ‘Scars’; plus two completely new unreleased songs.
Really a special package for hardcore collectors. This work can be seen as a continuation of ‘Scars’, or maybe as a completion in itself. The new songs completely follow the evolution line of the band, maybe in a more intimate way. Come to walk another step through your inner demons and fears.


on Monday, August 13 @ 22:14:12 CEST
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 Outpost11 - Resonate

Advoxya Records proudly presents debut official release from Russia-based electro-industrial project OUTPOST11. Nice combination of sounds from „gold era” of industrial.

Let the band describes itself: My music is inspired by a large pool of musicians and other media pieces; I’d like to use an umbrella term “industrial music”, describing my sound. To be more precise, I’d say that I borrow mainly from late 80-s, early 90-s era of that kind of music. Ministry, Skinny Puppy, FLA, Nine Inch Nails, stuff like that was my main inspiration. You could say that Outpost 11 invokes some sort of nostalgia for that period and you would be right. I grew up listening to that kind music, it’s etched deeply in my mind and it was natural for me to express myself in this way. It pops out in my mind in that exact shape.


on Friday, August 10 @ 22:27:24 CEST
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 Alien Produkt - Resurrection

Argentina based ALIEN PRODUKT is back with full new album since 10 years from their last album was released. Advoxya Records has been released 2 last EPs from this band, and after a huge silence became.
Now we are proud to release the band newest album „Resurrection”, material is keeping the main line of old Alien Produkt, so all fans who like previous stuff - will not disappear! You will get exactly what you are expecting from new album of the band.

Let the band speaks: There were times of joy ... times of sadness ... times of reflection ... times of suffering ... during all those years lived all such events have happened ... now a dream has been awakened from the ruins of oblivion. .. like the Phoenix from the ashes ... now it's just time for Resurrection !!!


on Thursday, May 10 @ 22:21:16 CEST
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 Huge Aktive.Hate special

Huge Aktive.Hate special - all prices have drastically down. Time to fill your collection of dark-electro with items from this talented portugal band:

Aktive.Hate 2010 "In Terrorem" cd 5 EUR
Aktive.Hate "Resynthesized" cd was 10 EUR now 6 EUR
Aktive.Hate "Desynthesized" cd was 10 EUR now 6 EUR
Aktive.Hate "Resynthesized" cd + "Remanufactured" double-cd bundle was 15 EUR now 10 EUR
Aktive.Hate "Desynthesized" cd + "Remanufactured" double-cd bundle was 15 EUR now 10 EUR
Aktive.Hate "Resynthesized" cd + "Desynthesized" cd + "Remanufactured" triple-cd bundle was 25 EUR now 15 EUR
Aktive.Hate "X-Box" 3 x cd + tshirt + sticker in carton box with other design was 40 EUR now 25 EUR
Aktive.Hate t-shirt "Vision from a killer" tshirt was 12 EUR now 10 EUR (all sizes still available).


on Sunday, March 18 @ 21:44:50 CET
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 Nohycit - Anomico

Nohycit is a one man project (running by Ferry who is half-part of well-know Bolivian dark-electro act ADEONESIS) and now has the band`s newest album ready to spread (last material „Sinister EP” saw the light of day in 2012 on American record label, Engraved Ritual). 
What the band plays is a kind of typical SOUTH AMERICAN harsh electro beats with distorted vocals, but even better. The band went through a big development compared with the previous stuff – I think working on both Adeonesis albums (2014 „The Rite Of Our Cross” and 2016 „Post Mors Vitae”), Ferry got a huge amount of experience and found a lot of ideas, which are now represented in Anomico.
Without doubts, Nohycit couldn't have done better stuff than he did. This is an outstanding release for all those fans of south-american dark-electro, which was longingly waited!


on Friday, March 09 @ 21:19:15 CET
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 Viscera Drip - Satanic Panic

About release (let the band says): Satanic Panic is a very dark piece of work all together. I always make music that I'd like to hear, so always it will be a balance of dark and menacing with dance and melody.  "Satanic Panic" is a direct reference to particular events in America in the 70's, but even more so, a parallel of our current lives in a constant state of panic and worry, obsession and fear. There are a lot of metaphors and indirect messages throughout the album and the song order/tempos (from fast to slow) is very much on purpose.
I hope everyone enjoys these songs as much as I do! Cheers!


on Tuesday, February 27 @ 21:20:30 CET
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 Miseria Ultima - Phosphor

Dark-electro scene is dead you say ? Nothing fresh and innovative since years? haha, not really – the band from Finnland has an answers on these claims with debut album. Awesome music, stuff, everything is perfect – sounds fresh and brutal.  Scene needs in acts like this J! 
The album ”Phosphor” includes melodic and aggressive elements, with taste from different electronic genres. It includes twelve tracks to dance to – and to feel to. The name of the album represents acceptance of self consciousness, torment and woe, under the pressure of high technological society- this acceptance is ”Phosphor”.


on Sunday, October 22 @ 21:28:19 CEST
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 Frontier Guards - Oblivion

Memories and oblivion. Paths and crossroads. You close one door, the other opens. There are many ways, and many times we must choose: Should I go straight or tortuous way? Should I definitely close these doors and start a new chapter? Time doesn't have to cure, path can. It can lead forth, but it can lead back too. No matter how scary or beautiful was the past, it doesn't have to be forgotten. Man can either return back to his past or run away from it. Sometimes, even a way back means a step forward. Maybe forgetting the past is just an illusion. Memories may be just independent entities, that don’t want to be forgotten – in good or bad. They can direct us right or wrong way, so we all often choose to forget, run away or repress our memories. Is an oblivion a cure or an illusion? Isn't a look back necessary to keep us going, so we learn how to make the right decision on which way to go?


on Tuesday, October 17 @ 21:46:59 CEST
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 Schyzzo.Com - Clash

Schyzzo crew is back after 4 years of silence. After releasing their 3rd album „Striptease & Revolt” in 2013 karl and Viktor both went through the huge changes out in musical development and in private lifes as well, hard times are have already passed off and we are glad to present you finally the new cd-ep titled „Clash”.
let he band speaking about this release: „The elixir of Schyzzo is always the difference :) Somewhere small, somewhere big difference compare to our pprevious stuff. On „Clash” you can hear more vocoders, more atmospeheres, brutal powers with crystal clean sounds. Im so proud of this, because during the recording and creation of it record I made 2 studio rebuildings, I bought new instruments for the appropriate sounds, there was recording problems of the guitars...but the issue speaks for itself.”


on Wednesday, October 11 @ 22:26:23 CEST
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 Fredrik Croona - This Is Goodbye

Third solo-album from swedish master-mind Fredrik Croona is out now.
Already well-known name in our small scene (formely member of such projects as Menschdefekt, Project Rotten, Cynical Existence to name a few) Fredrik describes his solo-material as something special and more personal to compare with his other projects. Style is also changed to more or less „middle tempo” future-pop sound, but on third album its turn to more darker side than Fredrik`s previous solo-albums. Exploring new sounds and territory.
The album also features a handful of different artists with their own unique sound.


on Friday, September 29 @ 22:45:39 CEST
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