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 Cold Therapy - Figures and Faces

Jacek/Cold Therapy says: "It all started with the changes in the band - Jan and Jen were no longer working as vocalists in Cold Therapy. Now it's again a solo project like it was 3 years ago, and like those 3 years ago - listeners will hear me again also as the vocalist. The album title was originally in German - "Figuren und Gesichter, which got changed to English version - "Figures and Faces". It was caused by the changes in the band, the previous vocalist Jan was recording vocals in German, but as now I am working solo, I needed to change it to English version.
I decided to continue the path I took - making highly atmospheric music. But this time make it all even better, deeper and darker than before. Now I have also much better equipment than 3 years ago, this time, I didn't need to use effects on vocals like in the past, I could play a lot more and achieve the results for which I was looking for.
"Figures and Faces" is so far the best album of Cold Therapy, at least in my opinion. It is even more experimental, it has even more industrial sound and darker atmosphere. Some of the songs are done like a story, where the vocals and lyrics are in the form of a poem. Be prepared for a depressing journey."


on Tuesday, November 15 @ 22:03:50 CET
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 Nano Infect - Remixes Of Denial

Nano Infect bring to you the second chapter of "Scars Of Denial" entitled "Remixes Of Denial", including remixes from Subliminal Code, PreEmptive Strike 0.1, FabrikC, Extize, Larva, XotoX and more plus a bonus disc with 2 new songs "Lifeless" feat. Johan Van Roy of Suicide Commando and "The Darkness Is Coming" as a sample from the forthcoming album "Sick Sick Sick".
The bonus disc also includes what is left from the "Gas Chambers" demo of 2008 and a cover of "See You In Hell!", originally issued by SC.


on Monday, November 07 @ 22:17:17 CET
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 Subliminal Code - Karma In Mortem

Final part of covers on high-acclaimed album "Karma In Mortem" from Subliminal Code. Unusual sounds, cover disc also includes "Another Day" single selling before only digitally.
Here is the nice possibility to get all 3 cds related to "Karma In Mortem" era of the band, packaged into super-carton jacket.


on Wednesday, August 31 @ 21:23:37 CEST
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 Subliminal Code - Soldier Of Hell, Reborn

Soldier Of Hell was a debut material, released on Engraved Ritual back in 2011 by Venezuela based „guitar meets electro” aggrotech band SUBLIMINAL CODE. 
After the success of the followed in 2014 „Karma In Mortem” album the band decided to re-arrange and remaster their first material, giving to it fresh breath and new sound. 


on Tuesday, August 30 @ 22:21:30 CEST
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 A7IE - Narcissick II cd/vinyl gatefold/box edition out now

One of our leader band – french act A7IE is back with new material „Narcissick II”. Album incl. remix-works ont he band`s latest full-lenght „Occidere Mundi” done by well-known Acylum, Cold Therapy, Die Braut, Controlled Collapse, etc as well 2 new versions of previously released tracks from the band itself. Limited version of Narcissick II incl. also 7inch white coloured vinyl with 2 exclusive remixes from Wumpscut and Xentrifuge.
Release also comes as a box-set with exclusive design and rare fillers, which are: poster, cards, keychain, mirror, tshirt. All stuff are especcially designed for this release and printed in limited quantities.
Mastering was done in StahlBlack audio-studio (running by Stahlnebel & Black Selket crew) and design was constructed in Deominus Studio (running by Adeonesis).


on Wednesday, August 17 @ 23:43:45 CEST
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men, size: S, M, L, XL

men, size: S, M, L, XL

men, size: S, M, L, XL

men, size: S, M, L, XL

girlie, size: M, L - men, size: S, M, L, XL

girlie, size: M, L - men, size: S, M, L, XL

6.00 EUR
1600.00 HUF
400.00 RUB


on Monday, June 27 @ 21:01:15 CEST
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 Reactor7x - Illusion Of Chaos

Reactor7x album „Illusion Of Chaos” is a debut from the band, already well-known inside industrial community.
band talks (excerpt from the interview with the band, placed in fan-zine AD-ZINE02):
„We began working on this album in 2010 and since that time a lot has changed, we were looking for new ideas, sound and possibilities. However, we dont think that this time was wasted. We managed to do a few really good remixes and we started cooperation with Arkadiusz Malczewski who is the sound technician of Behemoth (famous polish death metal formation). The outcome of this cooperation is a very energetic single +Sick Of It All+ which marked the beginning in our music. We treat the band as our passion and hobby and because each of us has a job on daily basis, we dont need to hurry…the most important thing for us is the final effect to be interesting and satisfying”.


on Sunday, May 22 @ 21:37:11 CEST
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 Fredrik Croona - Welcome Home

Welcome Home is the second album by Fredrik Croona, probably best known from bands like Menschdefekt, ex- Project Rotten and Cynical Existence. The new album is a bit more mature than the first album "The grey line". It features 12 original songs with two collaborations from the bands Controller Collapse and konclever.
Stephane formely of Side-Line crew and now running his own page "Side-Line reviews" got in contact with Fredrik Croona and asked him to share a few words - so here is excerpts from ‘STATEMENT’ by Fredrik Croona:
Usually people say that the second album is always the hardest because of fans and people’s expectations. For me it's a bit different, mainly due to the fact that I haven't reach out to a huge crowd yet and I have seen very few reviews of the debut. To be real honest, I don't really care too much about what people say today (of course to some extent you do). If they like the music they do and if they don't, then that's also fine by me. Each to his own.
I used to think very highly of my work and didn't understand when people didn't like it. I thought ‘this album is easily as good as any other band out there’. I was younger and cockier in my attitude.
Nowadays I try to evolve with my own sound and myself, creating music that I can connect with on a different and deeper level. It might sound cliché, but I do feel more connected to my work now than ever before. I also feel a bit more confident when it comes to actually sing. Hopefully others will hear this too and actually hear that the production has gone up a step also.
"Welcome Home" represents me and also the town where I grew up and live in. It’s not in the lyrics, but in the spirit and essence. It's naked and there is no attitude or image. It's just me spilling my guts for you.


on Wednesday, May 11 @ 21:03:48 CEST
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 Degenerated Sequences - Degenerated Sequences

Well, well, well - debut album from this greek one-man project (Yiannis is also plays on keyboard in well-known greek formation PreEmptive Strike.01) was introduced to the label by our unofficial rider of Apocalypse aka Sakis / Nano Infect. Firstly i was wondering about - am i need in new band with the debut album here? not a secret - sales are just suck (not only here) and we live in hard times, but after gave the check to this stuff my despairs stopped threat and eat me - music was a really cool.
I dont like to give here any comparisons and mention a names, but this album - the best you can hear from dark-electro scene actually. Band has used all traditional elements of dark-electro, but music also shows high skills in practice of all methods in music writing process. Album was created over the years (first promo snippets on the web dated for 2012) and composer has enough time to polish his own sound times and times again, but without talent and senses the result could not be so good. if you like traditional european dark-electro stuff - this cd is just simply must-have for you. 


on Saturday, March 19 @ 19:51:47 CET
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 Adeonesis - Post Mors Vitae

About the band and release:
Bolivian band was created in 2007 by two brothers - Wilger and Ferry. After debut album "The Rite Of Our Cross" there 4 years passed and now they back with a new and powerful material titled "Post Mors Vitae".
Band says:
Our second official album entitled "Post mors vitae" This album is a part of a new phase, consisting of 15 new songs and all with his usual dark but also with a much more powerful touch. An arguably business with previous productions of the last decade. The packaging is a important issue with sharp details: It will displays all the artistic of our concept for each theme. With a broken voice without much postproduction, which highlights a unique realism. Death in the arms of demons "of a society in decay. "The songs on this album are autobiographical, but also have their own history in the sense of our personal lives. The songs are in order, which they were written and sung. 
This album left many scars, which were embodied in each song. "Finishing it was also a part of keep moving”. We will continue to the end in what we started. New surprises "People will realize in what we try and in what we do, no words are needed, music and sound speak for it selfs”.


on Wednesday, March 09 @ 21:12:01 CET
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