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Deadjump arrised from a Dark-Elektro band called Brutal Divergenz known in the 90’s musical scene. Alexandre Ramos, deadjump leader, began his work in 1996, release the first demo Holy Mind. In this demo are evidents influences from Project Pitchfork and Front Line Assembly, mixing this influences and creanting a personality sound.

Many melodies, but keeping agressivity permeate nine tracks in this demotape. After acquisition new equipments, Alexandre Ramos, rebuild his concepts trying new sounds and compose VIRTUAL MASTURBATION OS A BASTARD LEADER, in 1997 by 4D Records.

So on, Deadjump became recognized around the world, mainlly Germany and USA. Alexandre Ramos played in the New Metal / Industrial band Chipset Zero for a short time because of schedule incompatibility. In 1999, Deadjump release “Causa Mortis” the remix album just to give a break for composition, but keep actualized in electro scene. 

Bands like Front Runner, Noxious Emotion and Clone DT, participate in this album, mixing original tracks. Result: First quality Electronic Body Music for everyone. In 2000, released “Post Mortem” album, with tracks remixed by Sleepwalk, Plastic Noise Experience, Project X and Unformed.

After that Deadjump got eminence in the specialized news with good reviews and many contacts. For a time, Deadjump sttoped its Works. In 2006, Alexandre Ramos returns in 2006 preparing a new release called “immortal”. This album contains remixes from good bands like Alien Produkt, Polygon and others and the result was a success: good reviews, new interviews and hits in all world. Musics like “save from all my sins”, “resist”, “heartbreak” and “life” are playing in all  EBM/Industrial radio.

In 2007 deadjump will keep with more music and the new album is coming: “scare-mix”…well… just wait for new hard beats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

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