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Nothing Nada - Nicht Nichego
Marc Tater - Chain D.L.K.

Title: Nicht Nichego
Format: CD
Label: Advoxya-Records
Distributor: Poponaut

Originally started as a simple side-project of the Hungarian Electro/Industrial duo IMPACT PULSE to sort out some smoother tracks which wouldn’t fit at all to the high-tech EBM sound of this extremely underrated act, NOTHING NADA has meanwhile become more than this. It started as an experiment to explore straight and danceable Futurepop-tunes with an outstanding female vocal performance. “Red Armageddon”, available on the 2005 released first Advoxya label compilation “Post-Alcoholic Body Syndrome [Death] 1”, was the first result in this collaboration between Gunhead and Cipree of IMPACT PULSE with the female vocalist Orsi Beres. So after a growing request for more and new material, NOTHING NADA has been formatted officially and likes to present via Advoxya this 11-track long debut release. Musically somewhere between TECHNOIR, AYRIA and CULTURE KULTUR you’ll get the always complex arranged Synth textures of IMPACT PULSE and Orsi’s marvelous voice. Be it straight on “Red Armageddon”, nasty intoned on “Irresistible” or full of emotion on the maybe best tune here, “Silent Heroes” – catchy as hell and addictive that I needed to use the “Skip back” button for a few more rotations. Please note that this release is a kind of multimedia-CD featuring a video clip and a “making of...” of the track “Red Armageddon”. Normally the Belgian Alfa Matrix has the right nose for talented, female-leaded acts – maybe for some good reasons they’ve decided to ignore this Hungarian talent, because NOTHING NADA beats almost all act signed to them out of the field! It still has to be proven which of both projects, IMPACT PULSE or NOTHING NADA, will be the so-called side-project – if the ongoing request of the listeners will continue. This is how Futurepop music featuring a REAL charismatic female voice has to sound – for the signed artist of the Alfa Matrix label group I would like to recommend to go back into the basements to practice, practice, practice...
Review by: Marc Tater

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