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Denergized - VHS Recall
Done by Marc Tater

Artist: DENERGIZEDcybercity {at} mail {dot} ru ]
Title: VHS Recall
Format: CD
Label: Advoxya-Recordsinfo {at} advoxya-records {dot} com ]
Distributor: Poponaut

It can’t be said that the originally out of St. Petersburg hailing responsible label people of Advoxya-Records wouldn’t watch the market in their home country any longer, since they moved with their headquarter two years ago to Hungary. The project DENERGIZED is just another fine example of what can be possible. They are hailing out of Kaliningrad (Königsberg), which is at least a real divided part of Russia, since all of the Baltic neighbor states like Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania could reach completely independence. Bands out of the Eastern European area often complaining in interviews the effect of the long-year cultural and scientific isolation of the gone soviet government, it would be therefore interesting to know how they feel as being still a but nearly forgotten part of Russia. However, musically this official debut of DENERGIZED is a marvelous trip into a rather mid-90ies inspired Dark Electro music. :WUMPSCUT:, yeppers, Rudy R. seems to have some inspirational influence on their work, maybe here and there mixed with early SUICIDE COMMANDO recordings have to be named to describe the dark and ominous sound outfit of this duo. Not bad references, but be assured that DENERGIZED haven’t done the mistake to copy the sound outfit of the above mentioned patterns. Irrelevancy and Hellectro-repetition isn’t their business so far and will hopefully never be. Two tracks are standing a bit out of this quite attractive debut, both “Neuro” and the already discovered piece released on the “PABS 2” compilation “After Tomorrow” both offer the straightness to let the dark masses storming the dancefloors. That whole album comes out quite energetic, but it rather concentrates to create ominous moods and offers several obscure rhythm patterns. Even if this is their debut and also regarding the fact that these tracks are a sort of collection taken and extracted from their first musically steps, it come out quite refreshing and coherent. Plus, all stuff which doesn’t follow any generic and repetitive Hellectro-course needs to be praised and DENERGIZED aren’t definitely a kid of the Trancewhackedgoregalore/Terrorbanana-movement (copyrighted terms by Electrofreak). A quite entertaining album for the old-school EBM/authentic Dark-Electro audience.

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