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Alien Produkt

Alien Produkt formed at the beginning of the year 1998 when one of his memeber " Ricardo Alien " who in that one tapeworm of that time a radioshow called " La trashnoche " felt the need to express his musical pleasures creating his own one Musical project, which received his name due to a laboratory of telecommunications

Whom they were calling " the Alien Base " that was a property of Ricardo, there the ideas went out principally in the musical composition

With the implementation of samplers and synthesizers, musical powerful basslines of down domineering, they realized several independent productions, making debut at live performance in Lima "Peru" with a big acclamation of the people .After this many presentations came in Argentina turning into the principal reference of the Electro scene.

Musically we might define it like harsh-electro with a social content in his lyrics and a message of hope to wake up consciences slept in this decadent society and to recover the lost values of the mankind as the true friendship, the honour and the allegiance so that the future generations have a place where to live...
In the year 2005 they sign  with the record label " BLC productions " where they edited 2 discs "revenge" and " ignorance" in 2007, during this time there were invited 2 times to play at Wave Gothic Treffen that for economic reasons could not have met.

Also 2 times have played at live in Sao Pablo Brazil along with bands like "deadjump" " homicide division " and " proyecto crisis " Do not spend a lot of time that from russia " gravitator records " that buy the license to edit his second disc "ignorance"
They have informed of a lot of compilatorios of the series Interbreeding, endzeit bunkertracks, PABS 3, in addition to remixes edited by bands as dolls of pain, acylum, wynardtage, aseptic room, retractor, schattenschlag between some others!!!
Since like that also they have been remixed for many bands. Recently they have signed with the Label Advoxya records and start editing 1 ep of remixes called "honour vs falsehood - the first Step" it which being very prompt to the selling. Including remixes of: obszon geschopf, retractor, mechanical moth, central unit, Gpro, synthetic, headache, ylluko, drained scorn, kode ind mind At present they are editing a Second ep of remixes called " the next chapter " - with 2 new tracks of his future third disc "renascence" with remixes of wynardtage, acylum, v2a, dolls of pain, aseptie, preemtive strike 01, second disease, xperiment, aseptie, engelmacher, fgfc820 between others - big repercussion is waited with this production!!!
And finally they will edit its third full-lenght disc " Renascence "

Ricardo [Alien] : synthesis , softwares , mastering , mixing and composition
UTB : voices , lyrics , composition

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