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The-Pulsar: Never
review by Side-Line

The Pulsar NEVER (cd Advoxya Records)
Posted on 13 Mar, 2009

The Pulsar is Alexey Boytsov, Vladimir Sokoushin and Sergey Naan. Hailing from Russia, I can`t remember to have ever heard of this band before. But I`m now sure that I`ll keep their name in mind as I personally consider their Never album as simply the best production ever released on Advoxya Records! While the opening pieces are more like revealing an old-school touch reminding me of Vomito Negro (for the track Don`t Stop), Never progressively evolves into more complex electronics coming closer to Haujobb. The Pulsar is definitely more powerful than Haujobb, but there are some similarities in atmospheres. The first and absolute highlight of this album is the Fading song. This is an absolute masterpiece merging great atmospheres and rhythmic together. Power and danceable vibes are a kind of trademark for this album. The vocals are maybe the only point that can be improved, but they`ve been produced in an adequate way, adding a spooky touch on top of the compositions. The Pulsar adds a lot of cold, but heavenly strings to most of their songs while astral bleeps and precise sweeps complete the picture. Some of the songs have been meticulously and progressively built up. Die For Something is a very good illustration of this punctilious procedure in writing. Pretended Prayer is another song in a similar style, but creating a warm sensation as well through the used arpeggio. This song goes on for more than 8 and never falls in a gap. This is intelligent electronics reminding me of some bands from the Tympanik roaster. Blind Vision is another highlight from this album, which reminds me again of Haujobb, but transposed to the 21st century. The album ends with a similar song entitled Daily Fever. I here especially like the real fat bass sound. Never is one of the absolute revelations from early 2009 and definitely an album I can only recommend! Congratulations!

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