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 Antythesys - Over Dose

Posted on Tuesday, June 14 @ 22:29:59 CEST


Nemesis has been active in the electronic music field since 2004 when the project Alien Vampires took off. Due to personal and musical growth he took the distance from it at the end of 2008 to create something in which he could express himself completely, so Antythesys (his original project) was back to life in its present form.

If you thought Antythesys was in your face...it just got worse
If you thought Antythesys was obscene........it just got worse
If you thought Antythesys was innovative.....it just got better
If you thought Antythesys was good...........You'll be hopelessly hooked..

Antythesys doesn't cry pointlessly  about how ugly the world is, doesn't try to change it...Antythesys is all that's ugly in the world... There is no hope in the music or lyrics, they tell what's what and who's who, the raw truth that's sharper than a blade, what people don't want to know or see ... If you think you've found another nice and friendly Industrial-Ebm band, forget it, look somewhere else..Love it or hate but Antythesys is what it is, there is nothing quite the same.Try to believe...

Artist: Antythesys.
Release: "Over Dose" CD (AD-HUN-59-CD).
Release-Date: 30.06.2011.
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Over.Dose tracklist:

01. I Feel Bass (OverDose version).
02. All About You.
03. Inferno.
04. Thrilled To Kill.
05. Suicide Music (OverDose version).
06. Load Your Guns.
07. Motherfucker.
08. Ada Makes The Machine Sing (Nemesis Rmx).
09. All About You (Twice In Your Face version).
10. Swallow You All.
11. Point Blank (Out Of Time).
12. Up Your Skirt.

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