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 BioMechanical Degeneration - Warbeats

Posted on Wednesday, March 02 @ 21:34:38 CET


The new album was basically inspired by robotic sounds. The idea of new EBM /industrial tracks with pounding beats, dark electro basslines, synthetic sounds combined with robotic sounds was the perfect mixture to create a more powerful follow up to our debut album "Exoskeleton" which was more experimental.
Vince was initiating tracks for the new album and TommyT was more than eager to help out and collaborate again.Then we started to work on the tracks and vocals, working on collaborative tracks also  and recording after recording, we realized that the new album was taking shape. It took nearly two years of work to finalize the new album.We are now re-energized and plan on working on more albums closer in the future! Mixing in concepts of raging war/apocalyptic themes between machines and humans, alien interactions and mixing in some aggressive/ harsh vocals in some songs while others have a more spatial and melodic sound. "Warbeats" was the perfect title to describe the atmosphere of a raging war between machines/alien machines and humans. Also we decided to include two new versions of "Wasteland" and "Hybridization" taken from the debut album because they are the perfect link between the debut and the new album. For those who missed "Exoskeleton" 10 years ago, those new versions may push you to grab "Exoskeleton" to dig the early years of BioMechanical Degeneration.

BioMechanical Degeneration „Warbeats” cd, 2016.
price: 10 EUR / 2.500 HUF / 450 RUB.
catalogue number: ad-hun-109-cd
packaging: digi-wallet.
release date: 2016.03.10.

01- They're Coming! 5:18
02- Lies For Answers 5:00
03- Invisible Threat 5:35
04- Machine Men 4:30
05- System's Destruction 5:21
06- Victory 4:52
07- Time For Survival 5:48
08- The Machine Never Dies 5:03
09- Outbreak 5:01
10- In Blood They Trust 6:07
11- Destroy Or Destroyed 5:18
12- Living Dead 4:10
13- A Moment Of Terror 5:50
14- Wasteland (Edited Remix) 6:06*
15- Hybridization (Edited Remix) 5:39*
/original versions are on album BMD „Exoskeleton”/

℗©  2016 Advoxya Records, released in cooperation with DSBP records.

BioMechanical Degeneration: Tommy T (Diverje, In-Fused, etc) + Vincent P (E.S.R.)

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