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 Miseria Ultima - Phosphor

Dark-electro scene is dead you say ? Nothing fresh and innovative since years? haha, not really – the band from Finnland has an answers on these claims with debut album. Awesome music, stuff, everything is perfect – sounds fresh and brutal.  Scene needs in acts like this J! 
The album ”Phosphor” includes melodic and aggressive elements, with taste from different electronic genres. It includes twelve tracks to dance to – and to feel to. The name of the album represents acceptance of self consciousness, torment and woe, under the pressure of high technological society- this acceptance is ”Phosphor”.


on Sunday, October 22 @ 21:28:19 CEST
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 Frontier Guards - Oblivion

Memories and oblivion. Paths and crossroads. You close one door, the other opens. There are many ways, and many times we must choose: Should I go straight or tortuous way? Should I definitely close these doors and start a new chapter? Time doesn't have to cure, path can. It can lead forth, but it can lead back too. No matter how scary or beautiful was the past, it doesn't have to be forgotten. Man can either return back to his past or run away from it. Sometimes, even a way back means a step forward. Maybe forgetting the past is just an illusion. Memories may be just independent entities, that don’t want to be forgotten – in good or bad. They can direct us right or wrong way, so we all often choose to forget, run away or repress our memories. Is an oblivion a cure or an illusion? Isn't a look back necessary to keep us going, so we learn how to make the right decision on which way to go?


on Tuesday, October 17 @ 21:46:59 CEST
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 Schyzzo.Com - Clash

Schyzzo crew is back after 4 years of silence. After releasing their 3rd album „Striptease & Revolt” in 2013 karl and Viktor both went through the huge changes out in musical development and in private lifes as well, hard times are have already passed off and we are glad to present you finally the new cd-ep titled „Clash”.
let he band speaking about this release: „The elixir of Schyzzo is always the difference :) Somewhere small, somewhere big difference compare to our pprevious stuff. On „Clash” you can hear more vocoders, more atmospeheres, brutal powers with crystal clean sounds. Im so proud of this, because during the recording and creation of it record I made 2 studio rebuildings, I bought new instruments for the appropriate sounds, there was recording problems of the guitars...but the issue speaks for itself.”


on Wednesday, October 11 @ 22:26:23 CEST
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 Fredrik Croona - This Is Goodbye

Third solo-album from swedish master-mind Fredrik Croona is out now.
Already well-known name in our small scene (formely member of such projects as Menschdefekt, Project Rotten, Cynical Existence to name a few) Fredrik describes his solo-material as something special and more personal to compare with his other projects. Style is also changed to more or less „middle tempo” future-pop sound, but on third album its turn to more darker side than Fredrik`s previous solo-albums. Exploring new sounds and territory.
The album also features a handful of different artists with their own unique sound.


on Friday, September 29 @ 22:45:39 CEST
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 Gunmaker - Daymaker

After 2 years since their debut album „Headmaker” was released (summer 2015) 2 guys behind the brand (J?nos Headfield and Andr?s Gunhead, who was also knowing as former member of hungarian formations Impact Pulse and Nothing Nada) just shooting out with their second master-piece named „Daymaker”.
The whole album is clearly driven by empowering guitar riffs, turning into exciting mix of electro-pop and metal-guitar music. More guitars are involved, helping to tracks sounding more powerful and driveability. The electronic parts are also became much stronger, and unusually raped by heavy guitar  plays. Seems like band steps into real „let-kick-all-those-old-asses’ direction, especcially if you know about second guitar-player on live-stage.
The full album was mastered by well-known german Rob Dust, and also contains as surprise the cover version on Like Tears In Rain originally written by swedish Covenant.


on Sunday, September 17 @ 20:07:09 CEST
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 Viscera Drip - Demo(n)s

After 2 successful albums „Abattoir” and „Perpetual Adversity” and before releasing totally new material USA based one-man project is back for now with retrospective compilation of the band`s past decade of existing.
lett he band speaks:
"Demo(n)s is a collection of songs from Viscera Drip remastered specially for this release and features many new and unheard tracks as well as old and new remixes. It is with great pleasure to finally have these songs get the proper release they deserve, and to deliver them into the hands of our fans."


on Tuesday, August 08 @ 22:00:09 CEST
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 Bleeding Corp - Ex Machina

about release:
Label debut of the band got released in far 2014, and after 2,5 years of “Infected Sounds” here is the new smash mayhem of cross-over industrial aggression named „Ex. Machina”. Album itself contains 13 tracks improved by killer-guitar riffles and second mini-disc „Techno generation” holds the title track and 3 remixes from Advoxya label-mates as Reactor7x, Viscera Drip and Antibiosis.
let the band speaks:
"Ex Machina" marks a new stage for Bleeding Corp. is a record in which it demonstrates the evolution of the band, the force and passion that we have put on this; The lyrics are very personal, in which we speak about our triumphs and defeats, our angels and demons, and in which there are certain references to elements or people who have been an inspiration for us. We continue to grow every day and "Ex Machina" is proof of this and the power of the South American and Ecuadorian industrial music!


on Tuesday, August 01 @ 22:00:12 CEST
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 Devilsight - Rabia

about release:
After 2 years since the band`s debut album „Luna” was spreaded via Advoxya records, mexican band is returns with powerful material on „Rabia” EP. Release contains 7 new tracks and 5 remixes from the well-known names of the dark-electro scene as Amduscia, C-Lekktor and newcomer on Advoxya russian act Antibiosis among others.

band says:
When we are working in our music, we build harmonious bases with wild touches. Thinking that each beat moves with our heart and it's the right time when our music revives us from these withered bodies.
When composing, I only think of escaping from this world, screaming the anger and the anger that I have inside, I want everyone to hear my voice, I want to die, I want to disappear, I want to live and be reborn again in Stan.  These two elements (Music and Voice) are like two snakes making love dangerously to become the best mother fucker of the beasts. 
This is rage....this is happiness....this is Devilsight ! Darkness, chaos and sex!


on Monday, July 24 @ 22:01:14 CEST
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 Electro Synthetic Rebellion - Machines Of Destruction

With "Machines Of Destruction", ELECTRO SYNTHETIC REBELLION comes back with stunning album!
"Machines Of Destruction" is a perfect mix of hard beats, synthetic bass lines, catchy and beautiful melodies and great vocal treatments which will instantly retain your attention.
Song after song, this album will take you on a journey to the darkest side of the human race.
ESR brings us a critical and/or cynical vision of mankind and the world we're living in ("Machines Of Destruction", "New Poison", "I See", "Burnt Out" or "Signs Of Extinction"), but also a feeling of rebellion ("Freedom" and "Dreams Aways") and a touch of insanity ("Possession").
As a bonus, you'll also get a cover of the song "Adrenaline Rush" recorded by ESR (original song by LEAETHER STRIP).
The album comes in two versions, a regular 1 CD album with a beautiful 8 pages booklet illustrating the songs and including the lyrics, and double CD version coming in an amazing cardboard sleeve. The limited double CD edition entitled "the cinematic tracks" shows another facet of "Machines Of Destruction" and will take you to on a trip to sci-fi themes. The cinematic tracks presented here are beautifully composed and will take you throught different atmospheres: Darkness, anguish, deep emotions or final victory, it's up to you to imagine the sci-fi pictures evoked by the sounds!
"Machines Of Destruction" is with no doubt the most accomplished album by ESR and will ravish the fans of the dark electro/industrial genre! So go and get yours!


on Tuesday, May 23 @ 20:59:40 CEST
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 First Black Pope - Post Mortem
Third release for the Italian trio Firstblackpope, a powerful and sick album, dirty and rhythmic guitars, icy atmospheres, industrial beats and distorted infernal voices. 
The FirstBlackPope comes back from hell and shows us how to get there. Start praying +


on Wednesday, May 10 @ 21:51:10 CEST
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