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 Instans - Trans Sector Hyperdrive

There are those who say the Appolo moon landings were not real. Some would go as far as saying the Moon itself isn't real either. Now, in the year 2021, Instans are here to present the truth in its ugliest form: Your dreams are not real. You will never leave the Earth. Whatever they told us, we are stuck on this planet and there is nothing we can do. The new album from Instans contains almost one hour of the most depressing form on Neo Dark Electro. This time around, the misantropy is amplified with guest apperances from the mighty BORG (The Juggernauts) and Jonas Fredriksson (Alvar), and excellent artowork by Noculture. 
It is expected to be released by Advoxya Records on June 23, and is now available for pre order from the record labels web site.


on Saturday, July 31 @ 21:36:28 CEST
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 Electro Synthetic Rebellion - Into Darkness

ESR returns with a new full length entitled "Into Darkness"! This is the 8th album by the french artist and this 2021 release celebrates the 20 years of the very first album "Distorted Visons" (2001). From the cold horror slow motion atmospheres of "Mechanical Nightmare" and "Lost" to the fast rhythm of "Too Late", "Haunted Grounds", "Ashes To Ashes" or "The Awakening Of Machines", ESR will take you on a trip to the depths of Dark sci-fi Electro mixing together hard percussive beats, pulsating basslines, dark melodic synthlines and dark vocals! Be prepared to dive into the dakness of the nightmarish visions of the album! A must have for all the fans of the genre!


on Saturday, July 31 @ 21:31:11 CEST
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 Asseptic Room - Extinction Or Eeawaken

Asseptic Room's new album "Extiction or Reawaken", is the most personal project by the band so far. An unconventional work which departs slightly from the more commercial dark genre. "Extiction or Reawaken" is a return to the beginnings of the dark electronic genre, with a multitude of nuances in each of its passages, many of them derived from other genres such as the industrial Ambient, Martial and Industrial. A twist on dark electronic music, without losing the essence of the project. "Extiction or Reawaken" is a work full of emotion, hope, anger, rudeness, despair, and a lot of sensitivity. A return to the extreme creativity of its components, Carlos.R and Mario.G. definitively incorporated into the project, being an indispensable part of the project.


on Sunday, June 20 @ 15:56:36 CEST
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 Viscera Drip - Death Curse

4th album from this highly talented american dark-electro band is out now!
Beside 11 original tracks it includes remixes from all good staff as God Module, Sin DNA, Amduscia, Erk Aicrag and Xxot.

“Pure Aggrotech, but with many added elements of surprise I feel have been neglected in the genre. Death has been the theme for not just me, but everyone else these past couple years. This album is a personal record of accumulation for loss, pain, and unthinkable misery, yet also stands as a testament to perseverance in the face of a fate we all share.


on Sunday, June 13 @ 16:20:49 CEST
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 The Pulsar - Pathetics

Nine years after the release of the bands previous work 'Transformation Of The Flight', the legends of the Russian electro-industrial' The-Pulsar 'triumphantly return with a completely new creation, the album'Pathetics'. Huge changes have taken place over the years.
They have changed, you have changed, and of course, the reality around us has changed too.

"The-Pulsar" has always been a pure reflection of this world, passed through the prism of honest creativity of musicians. Therefore, this album contains everything that they have lived all these past years and what the band has transformed into, and most importantly, their vision of everything around them.


on Friday, June 11 @ 21:00:20 CEST
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 Stahlnebel & Black Selket - The Darkest Hour

A deadly virus makes our world breathless, this virus affects daily life ... unfortunately this is no longer a gloomy vision of the future.
The lyrics of STAHLNEBEL & BLACK SELKET singer & songwriter [Ralph] have been dealing with this since 2007, unfortunately these words have now been overtaken by reality. The whole world is in lockdown and our music scene is also on the back burner ... Reason enough to join forces and so Advoxya Records & StahlBlack Productions are pulling together again to achieve the best possible result. The CD "The darkest hour" contains 11 fresh dark electro-industrial future pop pearls and with "Lost our way" & "God and the devil" two of the best songs by Stahlnebel & Black Selket so far ... Composer [Sander] spoil your ears with fine melodies and your body will insistently ask for dance movements. Of course, the music project Stahlnebel & Black Selket, after a great performance at the Wave & Gothik Treffen 2019, was extremely slowed down by this virus ... but this new release shows their passion for your music scene! This 11 track CD is just the beginning, in the summer the 16 track double vinyl "We never surrender" will follow via Advoxya because together we are strong ! 


on Tuesday, April 27 @ 20:51:28 CEST
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 Gunmaker - The Third

Third album from hungarian duo Gunmaker are welcome and ready to spread. What we have at the end? – synthpop driven by guitar riffs, but electronic parts are much softer and take us to the synth or even pop-music. On this album band presents very melodic and catching themes as „I wanna feel”, „Dreams and Desires” just to name a few which play in your head non-stop. Band is growing and moving to the next level, extending its fan-base .world-wide.
New material features 8 original tracks plus 9 noticeable remixes from Implant, Rob Dust, Monolith, DCO, Jihad and others.
Limited double-cd edition placed in carton super jacket and feat. 3-inch maxi-single „B-side”.
Also on sale strictly limited so-called „Gunmaker festival-bundle”, incl. 2CD, signed card, tshirt, covid-mask and other things placed in festival-bag.


on Thursday, November 05 @ 21:01:31 CET
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 Adeonesis - Paroxysm

yes, yes, we are waited for this last 4 years and it finally happent - after their debut album „The Rite Of Our Cross” (2012) and followed up strong 2nd album „Post Mors Vitae” (2016) our bolivian mayhem is back with 3rd and actually, the best-to-date new album „Paroxysm”.

Adeonesis is Wilger and his brother-in-crime Ferry (also well-known for his solo-project Nohycit) based in Bolivia. Brothers arrived classical darkectro opus carried by constant devil tempo that driven by a furious dance cadence with heavily distorted vocals. No break for take a breathe on this album.

If you’re fan of extreme dark-electronic experiences  - thats exactly for you. This band sounds hard and their songs are merciless. The ghost-like vocals reinforce the haunting and desperate atmosphere hanging over the songs. Album has been created by evil forces and has the power to lead dance floors to ecstasy.
Hell is coming! and we here, at Advoxya HQ are absolutely proud to give a home for him!


on Wednesday, October 28 @ 21:03:36 CET
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 Ian - Egy Masik Eletben

Advoxya Records proudly presents one of the best hungarian synthpop act IAN. Ian name covers Cipree, who was a member now disbanded hungarian electro-acts Impact Pulse (EBM) and Nothing Nada (future pop with guest female vocals). If you like melancholic and melodic synthpop with catching beats – this release is definitely deserves your attention.
Let the band speaks: This record is a journey into the soul spirit of my past years. I hope that my music will inspire you and give you the hope. I tried to improve my sound with exciting modern synthpop effects, but keeping in focus the enjoyment of music! I really hope you like it!

Ez a lemez utazas az elmult eveim lelki hangulataba. Bízom benne, hogy felemel es remenyt kelt. A hangzast probaltam a legizgalmasabb modern synth pop hatasokkal megspekelni de ugy, hogy megmaradjon a ZENEI elmeny is! Remelem szeretni fogjatok! /Ian


on Saturday, July 04 @ 20:16:28 CEST
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 Larva - Desolation Road

And again, Larva is back in 2020 too with a new great album named „Desolation Road” (CD and LP editions).
Desolation Road is exactly one of the albums that were really expected to release this year, because Larva has outstanding meaning for Advoxya label. The band has a huge fan-base in dark-electro scene, and that is happens finally – release is out now!
Desolation Road still have all details that made the band well-known today – catching melodies, dark lyrics and harsch synths, but also the band represents here its moving ahead to more lyrically-sensed direction with catchy music arrangements, keeping the listeners in deep and dark atmosphere.
Album is opens with middle-tempo intro track „Burbuja de cristal” which following by rapid „Sunk in shit” and atmospheric slow-tempo „Invisible”. And these the madness doesnot stop until the end of album – fast danceable tracks as Falsa realidad, El decorado de mi fracaso, Pay the price, Sólo soy un recuerdo, Nothing will be the same, Tan alto, Hate state mixing with the middle-tempo melodic traditional Larva-style compositions as Nada perdura, To lose, and Teniéndolo todo. 
Dark melodies build this sound sculpture, yet anotherone brick in Larva massive discography.


on Friday, May 01 @ 22:16:00 CEST
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