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 Degenerated Sequences - Schism

We are glad to announce, that Greece based one man project Degenerated Sequences returns with his second album „Schism” after the debut album came out long years ago back in 2016. Huhh, that is the fact - electro-industrial mayhem is back and it sounds very fresh and professional, catching melodies and super powerful danceable stuff. No more words – just listen !

Release is supporting by Sonic Seducer, read the interview and story of the band there.

on Monday, March 06 @ 21:09:41 CET
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 Stahlnebel & BlackSelket - Depersonalize - Dementia EP

The new Stahlnebel & Black Selket EP allows the listener to take a deep look into the soul of the music project, because this time [RALPH]'s lyrics are saturated with his personal experiences and of course the brutal reality around us like never before.
DEPERSONALIZE ... Unfortunately, a hideous phenomenon has spread in the world of work in recent years, the unbearable greed of employers and the attempt to put additional pressure on the often poorly paid employees, to scare them, to rob them of their personality, to give up part of their wages ... despite incredible profits from the companies & millions in their accounts.
DEMENTIA ... Many of us have family members suffering from dementia and therefore many listeners can certainly relate to their own experiences in the words of [RALPH], the often helpless desperation of us relatives and some bitter life situations and understand this topic very well .
Musically there are one or the other interesting change & surprise from [SANDER], but Stahlnebel & Black Selket remain true to themselves in 2023 and on this new release you will find 11 great tracks, 7 of which are new songs and 3 ingenious remixes by DEVICE NOIZE, DV8R & SKINJOB ... turn up your speakers.


on Monday, March 06 @ 21:01:25 CET
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 Siva Six - Black Will

Advoxya Records proudly presents a cooperation between label and one-of-most-famous dark-electro outfit from sunny Greece „Siva Six".
Released back in 2006 on label Decadance Records the band`s second album „Black Will" became the most successful and widely loved by fans release from the band, which turned to sold-out status within short time. Idea to re-release this strong album finally became to it logical end, and now its out as remastered and extended edition, incl. 2 awesome bonus-tracks. “Black Will “ is one of the best - if not the best- Siva Six albums, definitely the one that made their name spin around  the worldwide Industrial/Dark Electro scene. Considered their Black Opus . “Black Will” is the band’s second album, originally released in November 2006 by Decadance records and sold out just a year later. Despite the demand and the fan’s request for a second pressing, this never happened until today. “Black Will” received excellent and epic reviews world wide, and climbed to the No1 position of IAC (Italian Alternative Charts). This was followed by a 10 week stay in the GAC charts and 6 weeks in the GEWC Charts. “Black Will” Tracks such as “Her Eyes Black”, “Now it’s Dark”, “See the Six”, “The Seal” stood out and entered the playlists of many Goth Clubs around the globe, appeared in various CD compilations, and saw the band play 20 shows in 7 countries. Today 16 years after the original release date “Black Will “ is finally reprinted in a 4 panel / 8 pages booklet limited edition digipak. Remastered by Psychon (SepticFlesh) at Sound Abuse Studios including 2 bonus tracks !
Artwork by Seth Siro Anton . Produced by Dimitris N Douvras, Mastered by John Rivers, Orchestral arrangements by Chris Antoniou. 


on Sunday, November 27 @ 17:58:55 CET
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 Mulphia - Oblivion Day

After almost 8 years without physical release czech one-man project Mulphia returns with new album
„Oblivion Day” full of dark and markable melodies. 
Band operates from the middle of 1990s, and has already released 5 albums on CDs via Advoxya logo and also numerous internet-only stuff. Without doubt Mulphia has grown and developed to a more layered and attractive dark electro direction compares to previous works, vocals are staying distorted and mostly vocoderized, but the music fits and reaches the higher levels, especcially in melodic field.
As usual Mulphia`s music is that kind of dark electro, which may doesn’t hold the „everybody dances” class hit smasher, but which is kick-off enough to get more attention and recruite more listeners to this project.
Release is supported by german Sonic Seducer music magazine, issue of december contains interview, promo-banner and review of this release. 18 tracks, about 78 minutes in total.


on Sunday, November 27 @ 16:17:17 CET
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 RotnCore - The Way Through Flesh

Advoxya Records proudly presents maybe the hardest release in its history – debut release The Way Through Flesh from no-mercy-guitars driven powerful project RotnCore. The way Through Flesh takes you on a journey through hellish landscapes deep within the twisted minds of Arne, Fredrik, Mathias and Anders (members of Cynical Existance, Menschdefekt, Mechanical Moth, etc).
Hard hitting industrial metal with songs about decadence, mutants, sex and haunting nightmares that becomes a reality.

on Tuesday, August 02 @ 21:52:34 CEST
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 Hungarian Synthpop Allstars Vol.2.

2019.04.30. A nap amikor a magyar synth pop zenészek és rajongók összefogásával megalakult a Hungarian Synthpop Allstars Facebook csoport. Az Advoxya kiadó támogatásával ez már a 2. Synth-pop válogatás ami ebböl az összefogásból készült. Igazi magyar synth-pop érzés 19 vadonatúj dal, nem csak magyarul. “Egyenként mi vagyunk a tégla, de együtt mi vagyunk a fal!” A lemezen hallható új és eddig sehol nem jelent számok a Greycat, Syntax Error, Plazmabeat, Apsürde feat.Manoya, Clayfeet, The Inclusion, 8Bit, Ian és sok más kiváló magyar synthpop együttesektöl.

30/04/2019 The day when Hungarian synthpop bands and loyal fans formed the Hungarian Synthpop Allstars Facebook group. With the support of the Advoxya records this is already the 2nd compilation of modern hungarian synthpop scene. Real hungarian synthpop feeling given by 19 brand new songs, singing not only in hungarian language. "Individually we all just the bricks, but united we are the wall!" 
Compilation features new and previously unreleased tracks from Greycat, Syntax Error, Plazmabeat, Apsürde feat.Manoya, Clayfeet, The Inclusion, 8Bit, Ian and many other excellent hungarian synthpop bands


on Sunday, July 31 @ 22:09:25 CEST
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 Nano Infect - Ten Thorns

Making 10 years of the release of Circuitry Of Blades Nano Infect re-releases it together with sold-out „Evil Supreme EP” and bonus tracks on 6-panels double digipack entitled „Ten Thorns” via Advoxya Records.
Debut album released 10 years ago became a really dance-floor killer and now its difficult to get. Thats why band and the label decided to re-release Circuitry Of Blades as limited edition extended with the bonuses.


on Tuesday, May 24 @ 22:02:39 CEST
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 Wolfchild - Sanctuary

High-acclaimed and longwaited 4th full-lenght from dutch-german duo Wolfchild is finally released. CD is coming in very nice 6-panels digipack and contains 12-pages insert.
Step out of your hypnosis and open your mind to reality. Cause the world is much bigger, and much stranger. We welcome you to our sanctuary.

This world is just a lie, its just something to disctract us from the truth.
It can be beatiful or terrible.. But its all lie. Do not look for a sanctuary in anyone except yourself.


on Tuesday, May 24 @ 21:58:41 CEST
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 Noise Resistance - Stripped

We are glad to inform you that Noise Resistance became a member of Advoxya Records family, and here the first release „Stripped” which Advoxya cares for.
For band this is 3rd album, but first one released via european label.

Let the band say:
Our third album is called Stripped. Stripped means not only and not so much the naked physical, but also exposing the soul, the inner world, the real one. In this album we used a new sound, like piano or club house and psy trance rhythms, while maintaining our signature sound. It was probably on Stripped that we achieved the perfect combination of cool melodies, rocking rhythms, meaning and messages in the lyrics and sound quality.


on Friday, January 14 @ 21:42:41 CET
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 13th Angel - Omens

After few online and self releases american dark-electro band 13th Angel joined its forces with Advoxya Records to spread the band`s first official and already highly-acclaimed album „Omens”. Dark, melodic, magic and spooky.

Let the band say:
From the darkest depths comes Omens, a nine-track album written by Jen Draven with vocals by Evan Mitchell.
Lyrically addressing issues in the world such as corporate greed, toxic relationships and man's destruction of the earth, Omens talks about signs being missed and our mortality. 
Hard pounding beats, melodic pads and haunting piano make up 13th Angel's debut album Omens on Advoxya. Thank you to all who support us!


on Friday, January 14 @ 21:37:32 CET
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