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 Antibiosis - Biohazard`s Essence

Posted on Monday, February 25 @ 22:05:14 CET


Russia-based harsch-electro band Antibiosis (Roman and Denis) are back with total new material and box-edition contains 2 cds. The first one features all new tracks and collaboration with lanbel-mate Viscera Drip and the second disc consists remixes (to name a few) from well-known aggrotech bands such as Xentrifuge, Nohycit, Devilsight, Bleeding Corp, keyboard player of the famous Mexican band Amduscia, among the others. 

Band says:
„The release was created within 2 past years. Our goal was to improve the sound compared to the first release, as well as bring something new and conceptually modify the new album”.

Antibiosis "Biohazard`s Essence” double-cd edition is out now

15 EUR / 4000 HUF / 700 RUB

catalogue number: AD-HUN-141-2CD
package: transparent double jewel-case incl. remix-cd, placed in super-carton jacket.
release date: 04.03.2019 

track-list album (cd1)

1. Intro (Replication)
2. Replicants
3. Human Body Parts Collector
4. Pyramidhead (The Punisher)
5. Equal To God
6. Blackout
7. Disfiguring The Divine
8. Recreating The Mechanical Messiah
9. Desolation And Darkness
10. Sectarian Killings
11. World Condemned To War (Harsh Mix)
12. Threat Of Destruction (feat.Viscera Drip)
13. Desolation And Darkness (Club Remix)
14. Equal To God (Murder Dance Remix)

total: 67:49 

track-list remix (cd2)

2.1. World Condemned To War (Xentrifuge remix)
2.2. Sectarian Killings (Cut:Off Sky remix)
2.3. Human body parts collector (Distoxia remix)
2.4. Replicants (Nohycit remix)
2.5. Tenebrae Liturgiae (Arise X remix)
2.6. Human body parts collector (Devilsight remix)
2.7. World Condemned To War (Binary Division remix)
2.8. Sectarian Killings (Raul Amduscia_Lucifer Christ remix)
2.9. Equal to god (Winfxdinamo remix)
2.10. Replicants (Fredrik Croona instrumental remix)
2.11. Sectarian Killings (Bleeding Corp. remix)
2.12, Human body parts collector (Empyres remix)
2.13. Sectarian Killings (Poizon Party IV remix)

total: 62:58

p+c Advoxya Records, 2019


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