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 Larva - The Rat King

Posted on Thursday, July 27 @ 22:48:24 CEST


During the COVID pandemic spanish Larva has released on its own 3 cassette tapes (Tormented with 6 tracks, Memories Of Better Days with 6 tracks and Carne Para La Picadora with 11 tracks on) in strictly limited quantities which were sold out quickly. That why we here at Advoxya HQ decided to compile and release all 3 tapes together as double-cd and lets take it as total new (doubled) material from Larva.
What is expecting from this new Larva release – beside the Larva`s trademarked rawness and distorted vocal there are also a lot of more melodic, personal and sensual stuff. 
New summer issue of Sonic Seducer is features review and interview with the band.

Larva - The Rat King  cassette tapes extended is out now via Advoxya Records
catalogue number: ad-hun-180-2cd
price: 15 EUR
packaging: factory sealed double digipack.
release date: 17.07.2023

1. Tormented
2. El Tiempo Despiadado
3. A Guide To Imperfection
4. How Many Secrets Can You Keep
5. No Encajo
6. Trainwreck
7. To Be Myself Again (toro edit)
8. Memories Of Better Days (i miss you so much)
9. Gritando Al Vacio
10. The Puppy Is Dead
11. Nothing Left To Lose
12. Yo Mismo Cave El Hoyo
13. Guilty (remix my miseria ultima
14. Tormented (remix by cyclone b)

1. Carne Para La Picadora
2. Coming Home
3. Todo Te Da?a
4. I Cant Be Alive
5. Dirty Reality
6. Miradas De Infelicidad
7. Error – Horror
8. Go Down Together
9. I Need Nobody I Need Nothing
10. Desesperacion
11. Dejad Que Los Muertos Me Hablen
12. Error-Horror (remix by portvain)
13. To Be Myself Again (green dog rmx by vein cramp)
14. My Old Demons (remix by outpost11)

p+c 2023 Advoxya Records / Larva

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